Advanced Technology Integrations (ATI) offers a complete selection of the specialty audio and video equipment required to create a sophisticated distributed A/V system to meet your needs. From in-wall and in-ceiling speakers that deliver quality sound where ever you want it, without interfering with the decor of your home, to the custom-programmed control interfaces, like hand-held remote controls and in-wall touch panels, we have it all. Having a surround sound system in your Family Room, or even a dedicated Home Theater in your basement, provides an excellent location in your home for enjoying your favorite movies and music, but the question always arises, “What about the other rooms in my house?”

The answer to that question is Whole House Audio/Video. There are plenty of places in your home where you would like to enjoy a television show, a movie or your favorite music, but don’t want to have all of the required equipment stacked up in each room.  A central-distributed A/V system can provide all of the functionality you are looking for, while keeping the equipment that is necessary to make it all work out of sight.  By placing all of your source equipment and amplification in a central location, and distributing the audio and video signals to different rooms of your home, all you need is a TV and a pair of speakers in a room to be able to enjoy the full flexibility of your system. Let us design your new AV system to give you capabilities that include:

  • Ability to watch or listen to a program in one room, independently from any other room in the house.
  • Browsing your entire movie collection from any TV on the system.
  • Listen to background music throughout the entire house at the touch of a button.
  • Browse your music collection by artist, album, or genre, from an in-wall touch panel in any room.
  •  Integrate your Camera System (CCTV) to pull up any camera located at your home on any TV in the house, or to an in-wall touch screen.