Advanced Technology Integrations (ATI) offers a complete selection of the specialty audio and video equipment required to create a sophisticated distributed A/V system to meet your needs. From in-wall and in-ceiling speakers that deliver quality sound where ever you want it, without interfering with the decor of your home, to the custom selected equipment designed specifically for your home or business.

Whole House Music is having a central system that delivers high quality music throughout your home. However, it goes so much further than that. A Whole House Music System gives you the ability to play all your favorite music sources; i.e. iPod, Satellite Radio as well as the new internet streaming music sources such as Pandora, and iHeart radio.

Today’s whole house music systems allow you to play different sources in different rooms at the same time. Your kids can be listening to iPod in the family room while you listen to Satellite Radio on the deck. You can now control your music system with your i-Phone, iPod, hand-held controllers or the traditional in-wall keypads.

  • Ability to listen to a music source in one room, independently from any other room in the house.
  • Listen to background music throughout the entire house at the touch of a button with party mode.
  • Browse your music collection by artist, album, or genre, from an in-wall touch panel in any room.