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Lutron Radio RA 2 lighting control

RadioRA 2 is a wireless total home control system. This energy-saving system gives you the ability to adjust the amount of daylight and electric light (using light controls and automated shades) as well as temperature in a single room or throughout your whole home. The system also turns off standby power to small appliances when they’re not in use. Having the ability to create a range of light levels throughout your home, rather than simply turning your lights full on, adds convenience, creates ambiance, adds a “wow” factor, and saves energy. One button can set a scene in a room, or the whole house for that matter!  No more checking every light in the house when you’re ready for bed.  One button turns it all off!  Then, using your RTI touchscreen, you can set your lights to come up gradually as your alarm goes off in the morning.  In addition, Lutron will allow you to adjust the lights in your home from a custom garage door opener.  Lighting the pathway to your home can alleviate many security concerns.

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