It is important for our clients to be educated consumers when it comes to security solutions. There are three (3) major pieces that must be addressed when properly designing a fail-safe, secure “security system”. Each System must be custom tailored and integrated to provide a well managed security system.

Access Control Systems

  • As the initial part of a well designed security system, access control will deny or grant access into a building or home while collecting data as to “Who, When, & Where” access has been granted. These systems verify identity via key fobs, access cards, numeric codes, and bio-metrics (Retina Scans, Fingerprint matching, or Facial Recognition). Advanced Technology Integrations (ATI) can offer residential and commercial access control systems. In a residential application, this may include gate phones, remote door strike systems, and keypad entry access. In commercial environments, buildings can also benefit from an electronic access control system to allow for un-manned facility control. When combined with intrusion detection and surveillance, these products can allow for a customized and automated “piece of mind”.